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Bringing Inventory to Life

United Material Handling, Inc. helps some of the biggest product companies along the West Coast re-engineer how inventory is brought in, stored and shipped out of warehouses to maximize productivity (while minimizing errors).

While their business growth has been explosive, their dated website couldn’t keep pace. And the antiquated technology made it impossible to run any sophisticated marketing campaigns to bring in new potential online leads.

Instead of a basic, boring an ineffective facelift, we completely re-thought how their potential customers need on a daily basis.

When new companies are opening or moving warehouses (for product storage), they’re primarily concerned with availability and cost when searching for vendors. Things that take too long, or cost too much, threaten to throw their project timeline off the rails or kill their budget.

We created a completely custom solution for UMH, bringing their internal inventory system to the ‘forefront’ of the website to allow customers to browse their product line and get this feedback instantly.