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Design + Development


Tru is a new Hilton Worldwide brand aimed to revolutionize the midscale hospitality market. It’s the perfect option for the cost-conscious, who aren’t willing to sacrifice style or experience for affordability.

Everything about the traditional hotel experience has been re-thought and re-tooled, from the check-in experience in the lobby up to the entertainment options in the rooms.

They needed a differentiated website experience to match those lofty ambitions, which could instantly communicate the brand’s personality to new developers and investors.

Tru by Hilton is a category disruptor, so it’s only fitting that their website now is too, reinforcing the whimsical DNA with vibrant simplicity.


Tru By Hilton’s primary target market is the definition of the tech-savvy, on-the-go consumer. The mobile experience then couldn’t cut any corners.

We factored in the smaller mobile screens and limited processing power to make sure that the website would provide the same enjoyable journey and high quality branded assets at blazing speeds.

Our responsive design collapses and expands fluidly, delivering a refreshingly intuitive experience with a few simple taps of your finger.