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You pretty much get the day off now. What you just did
is so momumental, we highly recommend you pack up,
have a beer, and repeatedly pat yourself on the back.

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Picmonic is a Phoenix-based, venture-backed startup technology company transforming how students master memory retention by using audiovisual mnemonics (hence, the name ‘picmonics’).

Their initial product was focused on helping medical students ace the USMLE exams. We began working with them around the time of their public launch, helping increase market penetration to over 25,922 monthly visits by the end of year one (translating to a 1,762.21% traffic increase).

Since then, they’ve gone on to raise $5 million including a Series A. They’ve also expanded their product offerings to COMLEX, NCLEX and MCAT (with plans to pursue greater ambitions in the near future).