Why Use Inbound Marketing to Fuel Your Online Business Results

Why Use Inbound Marketing to Fuel Your Online Business Results

Posted by Brad Smith

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Google recently published an eBook entitled, Zero Moment of Truth.

It explains how consumer’s buying behavior has evolved due to the internet.

Consumer’s today are a different animal. They’re smarter and more shrewd.

The Zero Moment of Truth takes place right before the moment of truth. Let’s dive in to why use inbound marketing, and how it can fuel your online business results.

The Moment of Truth
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Let’s talk about cars.

When people show up on a car lot today, they already know the Kelly Blue Book value, dealer markup, vehicle history, additional features, reviews of the actual dealer, and tesimonials from past customers.

The buyer is just as informed as the dealer.

Consumers today will already research and know everything about you before making a purchase.

This can be good… or bad.

You can no longer hide, deceit, manipulate or fabricate.

But you can take advantage of this.

People are actively searching for solutions. They’ll research comparisons.

When they’re happy, they’ll tell their friends.

But when they’re unhappy, they’ll tell even more friends.

In a world of open context and immediate information, you can choose one of two paths.

Inbound marketing is a way of attracting people to your product or service because it helps and solves real problems for them.

The cream rises to the top.

Provide value to your ideal market and their online communities.

Because they’ll find it. And then they’ll find you.

Whether you like it or not.

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