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Content Marketing Strategy Introduction

Every company today is in the media business.

Not their business model, but what they do and why they do it.

Traditional media companies are extremely good at what they do.

They’re very strategic and specific.

Obviously, one of their main tasks is creating content.

But that’s not it. They don’t make money for creating content.

Neither should you.

Instead, you need to learn why they create content to understand how it leads to money.

That’s what every business today needs to do.

Traditionally the media business was a closed system that only gave certain people the right to publish information on a broad scale.

There were high barriers to entry, which made it near impossible for you or me to contribute.

Obviously, that’s all changed now.

But don’t be quick to overlook old media. Instead, you should study what they do, and how they do it so well.

The media business creates content, to attract attention, to sell products.

It’s really that simple.

They’re very good at identifying a market, capturing an attentive audience, and providing targeted products to solve their needs.

And lets be honest, everything today starts with attention. If you can’t acquire and hold someone’s attention, then you’ll never make it online.

Ed Abrams, Vice President of Marketing of IBM Midmarket Business, recently said “85 percent of the time, customers’ decisions to interact with a brand begins with a search”.


And they’re not looking for your brand name. Search is based on intent.

They’re looking for a solution.

Whether that solution is to a life curing illness or simply for a way to procrastinate at work, it doesn’t really matter.

Google has 34,000 searches per second.

People today actively research online before making a buying decision.

Every business has to create content today. You need to create marketing assets that appreciate over time.

It gives you people’s attention and lets you build trust.

And without those two things, no company stands a chance.

Why Content is Essential

Creating content is the cornerstone of online marketing.

Content is fundamental to your inbound marketing strategy.

But why?

Why does everyone go on and on and on about it?

Why should you focus on creating marketing assets?

What real, tangible competitive advantages does creating content give you?

1. It helps get people’s attention

People first discover you online from a simple search.

They go to Google with a problem in mind, and search (with intent) for a solution.

In a buying decision, this is the Zero Moment of Truth.

Typically, this search is related to something you do or sell (not your brand name).

So what it initially gives you is attention.

You get the sole, undivided attention of a prospective customer.

And that is one of the most precious commodities of all these days.

2. It lets you stand out

No one really knows you until they know you.

Creating content gives you an open platform. You can make your own news.

You can speak openly about topical issues, provide insight into mysterious or complex parts of your business, and provide helpful tips for prospective or current customers.

It gives you a voice and personality. This lets you differentiate from faceless and nameless competitors.

You’re unique and special, right? You seriously care about your service and customers. It’s not always about the money…

Then use this platform to let people know the difference. (Without just talking about yourself, of course.)

3. It builds your SEO and social media presence

Content is the foundation of an SEO strategy.

Content marketing reinforces search engine optimization and social media. It’s the engine that powers both.

Creating valuable content benefits SEO by increasing pages indexed, developing site hierarchy, and developing your link profile (backlinks to your website).

Social media is the next step. Content is like a foot in the door to meeting and developing relationships with more people. This creates a cycle where you can develop these relationships over time and build affinity.

But not just with customers…

Content also helps you develop relationships with other industry professionals. This helps you strategically build new relationships in other verticals and more exposure to new communities.

4. It creates a marketing asset

Creating valuable content is one facet of building a marketing asset.

Good assets appreciates over time. This is referred to as “increasing returns”.

At first, you invest and progress is slow. But as the snowball builds, it gathers steam and

It gives you a permission based asset that you can use over and over again.

5. It gives you “thought leadership”

Thought leadership is an incredibly valuable, albeit vague concept.

But what you’re really getting from “thought leadership” is trust.

You’re building trust in your reputation and products or services.

People begin to believe you because you’re building a consistent, honest track record.

When you have people’s trust, you have everything.

No successful business can survive without it.