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Why Comments for Business Blogs are Useless

“Social media gurus” absolutely LOVE to talk about engagement. You’d think it was the key to world peace the way some espouse it’s benefits. However if you asked any of them to actually define what engagement is, or how it …

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Why You Shouldn’t Track Online Marketing Metrics Weekly (And What You Should Do Instead)

Most company’s fail online because they don’t track or measure enough things. They’re flying blind. And they have no clue (a) what’s working, (b) what’s not working, and (c) how to improve the former and curb the latter. Almost everything …

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3 Killer Local SEO Tips for New Google Changes

Last year, Google released over 17 algorithm updates according to one unofficial report. Each algorithm update shuffles the deck on which factors should be emphasized or de-emphasized (and thus raising or dropping websites which adhere to them). But while these …

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The Complete Dummies Guide to Hiring a Developer (For Non-Technical People)

The best website can be a great asset — something that generates WAY MORE revenue and value for your company compared to the small initial investment. Trouble is… most aren’t. Most become huge liabilities, spiraling outside of scope and dragging …

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50 Ways to Get Customers in 2014

The holiday & New Year period is a great time to stop, hit the “Pause” button for a few days, and get outside of the daily grind. Many times through-out the year we keep our heads down, focused on simply …

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What Our Clients Say About Us!

"Our online revenue has increased significantly. In addition the number of website visitors have increased and they now spend more time on our website. Numerous customers have complimented us on our website design and navigation system."

Vitanart Vathanakul, Executive Director of Royal Cliff Hotels Group
"The staff was mesmerized. Every company wants to hear how they can get new customers and how to get more out of their existing customers. Brad showed them how to use simple tools in an online environment to accomplish those things."

Wing Lam, co-founder at Wahoo's Fish Tacos